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Reversing the Skilled Labor Shortage

There are high hopes for 2017 as the best year yet for the construction industry since the recession hit. The month of January alone saw the creation of 36,000 new construction jobs; that’s a [...]


Our last blog focused on general industry trends expected for 2017, one of which being increased technological implementation. The nature of technology guarantees that change is always on the [...]

2017 Construction Trends Ahead

With every new beginning, it’s a smart idea to take a look at the forecast ahead. ESG discusses some of the prominent trends anticipated for 2017. Collaboration Efforts Prove More Beneficial In [...]

Why the Fish Aren’t Biting

Has your company had a position open for a while that it just can’t seem to fill? Have recruiters even taken their shot at it, spinning and selling it in the best light possible and it still [...]

Social Media: A Window to Your Soul

Social media has become an incredible mainstay of modern society: it enables people to stay connected, share feelings and experiences in real time, and also stay updated on favorite or frequented [...]