Finding the proverbial needle in a haystack conveys a sense that the task at hand is no easy feat. Discovering the ideal job candidate that fits your company and its culture can seem like finding a needle amidst a haystack of possibilities. Enter the trusted industry-specific job recruiter: This is someone whom you can trust to find you a candidate that hits all your high points and more. Without a recruiter, many companies are left sifting through the haystacks. However, partnering with a recruiter saves much time and effort since they’ve already collected their needles and are busy analyzing which ones will best serve their client.

HR or Hiring Managers should have some sense of the effort it takes to find an exceptionally qualified candidate to invest their time and resources. Often, companies and candidates themselves underestimate the worth of a qualified, industry-specific recruiter, but as we’ve reviewed in previous blogs, How a Recruiter Can Get You Further in the Job Market and How to Attract and Hire Passive Candidates for example, a trusted recruiter will invest their time to find the most qualified people to present to their clients. Additionally, it is in their best interest to provide only the highest qualified candidates in order to maintain good relations and thus continued business opportunities in the future.

Because top industry-specific recruiters like ESG do invest their time and resources to provide the best for our clients, we do ask for a few, very simple things in return and it doesn’t even have to do with monetary compensation. Read more to see what every professional recruiter would love to receive from their clients.

Trust Our Expertise

Especially for industry-specific recruiters, it’s our job and livelihood to master and keep up with industry trends, the job market, and unique features found in a quality candidate. We know how to read between the lines on a resume or CV, as well as how to recognize true strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits that match particular work environments. If ever we present a candidate whose qualifications on paper may not seem like an ideal fit, we probably have good reason for it. We may see a kind of potential in the candidate that would fit well in the direction your company is moving.

Additionally, as a client, when you allow a recruiter to develop a relationship with your company, it helps us improve not only discernment for which candidates would make the better fit, but also how they fit into the ultimate goals and mission of the company.

Since recruiters are only compensated when a successful placement is completed, it is in our best interest to provide only the top echelon of candidates to our clients. In return, we only ask that you respect our abilities, expertise, and time, which leads us to our next request.

Be True to Your Word

We realize everyone’s time is valuable, but also recognize the reality of emergencies and other unexpected events. However, it becomes an unprofessional problem when clients continually demand urgent requests, but then revert to their own non-urgent time frames once we deliver our end of the deal, for example.

As recruiters representing a potential candidate, we do our best to ensure everyone on our end is on the same page and adhering to the same deadlines and appointments. We expect the same regard from our clients as well. Not only is it plain courtesy, but with business, the old adage “time is money” rings especially true.

Throughout our careers, many of us recruiters have lost precious time and money attempting to serve a client who turns out to be inconsiderate or just plain disorganized. A good recruiter will quickly recognize these traits in a client and will have little problem cutting ties and moving on.

Be Up-Front and Honest

For a recruiter or a potential candidate, receiving “no” for an answer is much more palatable than receiving no answer at all. No one likes to be strung along hoping for the best, but then have their hopes dashed with either second-hand information or a much-delayed answer from the source that their opportunity has passed.

It is much easier and more professional to keep the lines of communication open. It helps us to know when circumstances have changed, if a role is only intended for in-house candidates, or if a point-of-contact will be unavailable for a period of time and we need to touch base with someone else. All of these details, plus many more are crucial for the recruiter to know, as it affects our timeline and strategies as well.

Additionally, when a recruiter engages with a company who is more responsive, receptive, and reliable, this encourages them to develop even better relations with that client. This can include prioritizing requests and even catering to those requests more specifically.


Recruiters do earn their compensation by successfully placing candidates with client companies; obviously more clients translates to more revenue. However, experienced and well-trusted industry-specific recruiters are established enough to use discretion when deciding whether or not to continue a relationship with a client company. When our clients practice the above habits and common courtesies, we are happy to oblige your requests and deliver our best.

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