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Considering a Strategic Career Move?

  • Working with multiple recruiting firms at the same time may seem like the best approach. In actuality, this could negatively impact your search and perhaps more importantly your industry reputation
  • Most recruiting firms send your resume to as many clients as possible – without your consent or without any regard to your confidentiality or situation
  • Most of the highest-paying or rewarding career opportunities aren’t advertised
  • Searching for a job while you’re employed could jeopardize your current position, but waiting until you’re unemployed can also be detrimental
Most recruiting firms will view you as nothing more than a resume.
ESG takes the time to learn about your background, skill sets, career ambitions, and what you’re looking for in a position and a company. After all, individuals that feel professionally fulfilled become the most productive and valued employees.
Our expertise in the electrical construction industry allows us to provide specialized career guidance you won’t find elsewhere. This enhances your ability to land a strategic career opportunity instead of simply another paycheck.
A job search can be stressful and intimidating and requires both confidentiality and discreetness – especially if you’re employed.
With ESG, you won’t be alone. We’ll guide you every step along the process – just as we’ve done for countless other professionals in the electrical construction market. And, as your business partner, you can look to us for career guidance even after you’ve been placed.
We’ll protect your privacy throughout our search. Unlike many search firms, we won’t submit your resume without discussing the opportunity with you and receiving your permission.
ESG specializes in the low-to-high voltage electrical construction market. That means we know your industry far better than a general recruiting firm. Plus, our strong industry relationships give us access to the “hidden” job market within the field – including prime opportunities that aren’t being advertised.
ESG taps into employment opportunities throughout the country. Our Territory Managers are entrenched in local markets, and have relationships with senior leadership and hiring managers. They offer insightful advice about local employers, industry trends, specific projects, and other matters that can facilitate successful job searches.

Our Process

  • Consultation

    A clear understanding of your motivations, career goals, skill sets, expectations and what your ideal situation looks like.

  • Strategy

    A specific game plan pertaining to your local market, company targets, current projects, and opportunities

  • Introduction

    Introduce you to clients, coordinate meetings and provide transparent feedback throughout the process.

  • Offer

    Verbally present appropriate offer, clarify any questions, further the negotiation if necessary and deliver formal written offer for acceptance

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