Often times, new employment opportunities are only on the radar of those actively seeking work due to unemployment, or dissatisfaction with their current job. However, it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open to any opportunities, even if you are already employed and satisfied with your current position.

Though it seems counterintuitive and even risky to consider leaving a stable source of income and comfortable environment, there are actually quite a few benefits to gain for exploring options outside of your current situation. Electrical Search Group (ESG) discusses some of the benefits below in keeping an open mind toward an open road to success.

Stay Competitive and Relevant

Taking a proactive approach to developing your career not only benefits you on a personal level, but postures you as a more competitive and even preferred candidate in the job market. Recruiters and employers look favorably upon a strong, qualified candidate with the ambition and acumen to seek positive change and weigh new options. Additionally, in researching new opportunities, it demonstrates an ability to adapt as well as an eagerness to learn and grow, both desirable traits in a competent candidate.

The possibility of leaving a safe position can be daunting, but by exploring new opportunities while currently employed affords you a safety net. Additionally, it will also provide you leverage with the prospective employer. As a valuable candidate, the prospective employer may include incentives with your job offer to encourage you in joining their team.

Today’s Path to Career Advancement

While the economy, including the job and labor markets, have been generally trending positive, long-term job security is going the way of the dodo. Still stepping gingerly from the effects of the recession, companies are more inclined to find ways to conserve monetary expenditure, often times at the expense of the employees.

Additionally, companies and employees of the past were loyally committed to each other in relationships that could last upwards of 30 years and more. The new shift embraces flexibility, globalization, and change; new people with fresh ideas can help keep companies themselves relevant and competitive. Globalization allows companies and people the freedom to move themselves and their ideas, accessing a wider audience and again, more opportunity.

All of these factors can work both ways for an employee. On one hand, it can mean an uncertain job future for the employee, as the company may either find a way to merge your position with another, and eliminate the need for your role. You may also lose your position to a fresh face who will also accept a lower salary. On the other hand, this provides the opportunity for you, as a qualified candidate, to explore new opportunities with fewer strings attached. You have the chance to be in control of your future, before the choice is made for you. Keeping an open mind to opportunity only increases your chances of success.

Benefits of Using a Trusted and Respected Industry-Specific Recruiter

One of the easiest ways to maintain an open mind to opportunities is to develop a relationship with an industry-specific recruiter. Being a strong candidate doesn’t mean you have to navigate the job market alone.

Strong candidates are actually known not only to collaborate with recruiters, but to establish relationships with them, even when they are not actively seeking work. That way, when you are ready to make your move, the process is a lot smoother with everything in place. As you cultivate a relationship with your recruiter, they get to know what it is you’re looking for in an ideal position, as well as your strengths, areas of expertise, and what you can bring to the table. Recruiters can also keep you abreast of market trends, and current and upcoming projects or breaking developments in the industry, which help keep you ahead of the game in your current position as well as if you are actively seeking. You’ll also be kept in the loop about companies you may be interested in, or educated on others you hadn’t yet considered. Recruiters also maintain strong confidentiality, allowing you the freedom to explore and discuss your options openly with an industry expert without potentially compromising your current position.

Industry-specific recruiters are the best way to remain open-minded and informed about new opportunities. They are an excellent and reliable resource for filtering out options relevant to your interests, and keeping you actively in tune with your field. Whether you are seeking other employment, preparing to negotiate a promotion in your current job, or even just satisfied at your current position, keeping your mind open allows you more leverage as a gainfully employed candidate, versus an unemployed candidate. An industry-specific recruiter makes the job easier by getting the legwork done for you.

The Electrical Construction Industry and You

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