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How To Make A Better Resume

In the search for a job, a resume is just a part of life. It’s the document that says to the world, as efficiently as possible, “This is who I am and why you should hire me.” But it’s not just a [...]

Hiring Urgency Is Not A Bad Thing

When it comes to running a business in a sensible, profitable way, having a process can be an important part of success. This is especially true in electrical construction, where someone just [...]

What Do You Do With Counter Offers?

You’ve made up your mind. After giving it a lot of though and diligently exploring your alternatives you’ve come to the conclusion that not only are you unhappy with your current workplace or its [...]

Talkin’ Bout Your (Work) Generation

Things have changed a lot in the workplace over the decades. From the technology we use to the management techniques employed, the way people work in 2016 isn’t the same way people worked in [...]

A Bad Hire Costs More Than You Realize

No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. This is something that is going to happen to all of us, at many points during our life. But the mistakes we make have varying consequences depending [...]

Hire With Urgency, Not Rashness

In electrical construction there are a lot of good reasons why people shouldn’t work in a hasty panic. Doing a job right means not taking any short cuts, not ignoring any steps and considering [...]

Embrace Your Worth & Career Needs

As a skilled worker in an important niche like electrical engineering or electrical construction, you bring an important skillset to the table that is in high demand. But sometimes, it’s hard to [...]

You Should Have A Career Not A Job

Everyone will at some point, hold down a job, usually to pay the bills, but there can be a big difference between having a job, and having a career. A career is something where you develop and [...]

3 Traits Employers Look For

When you’re looking for a job, you’re entering a competition, and the way to win that competition is to have the qualities that employers are looking for in a prospective new hire. It’s not just [...]