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Hire With Urgency, Not Rashness

In electrical construction there are a lot of good reasons why people shouldn’t work in a hasty panic. Doing a job right means not taking any short cuts, not ignoring any steps and considering [...]

Embrace Your Worth & Career Needs

As a skilled worker in an important niche like electrical engineering or electrical construction, you bring an important skillset to the table that is in high demand. But sometimes, it’s hard to [...]

You Should Have A Career Not A Job

Everyone will at some point, hold down a job, usually to pay the bills, but there can be a big difference between having a job, and having a career. A career is something where you develop and [...]

3 Traits Employers Look For

When you’re looking for a job, you’re entering a competition, and the way to win that competition is to have the qualities that employers are looking for in a prospective new hire. It’s not just [...]

Why You Didn’t Get The Job

You applied for a job that seemed to be the perfect match for your skills and experience. You soon received a call back from the hiring department and an interview was scheduled. You know you [...]

Grammar Tips For Your CV

Grammatical errors on your CV or cover letter suggest to employers that you lack attention to detail and have not given your application the attention it deserves. Here are some important grammar [...]

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