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4 Resume Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes time to submit a resume, you have to make sure this is as perfect as you can possibly make it. Before your job interview, before your first handshake, before anything comes out of [...]

3 Traits That Employers Avoid

When it’s time to look for a job, you know that there are certain things that an employer is looking for. However, what a lot of prospective employees forget is that there are also some qualities [...]

Make Your Onboarding Process Paperless

Once you have a new employee, one of the things you’ll want to do is get them up to speed as quickly as possible with how things work in your company. The “onboarding” process is a crucial first [...]

How To Improve The Employees You Have

Bringing new staff in is always a good idea to keep things fresh and fill out the missing areas of your company’s roster, but it’s not a good idea to rely exclusively on new blood to improve [...]

How To Make A Better Resume

In the search for a job, a resume is just a part of life. It’s the document that says to the world, as efficiently as possible, “This is who I am and why you should hire me.” But it’s not just a [...]

Hiring Urgency Is Not A Bad Thing

When it comes to running a business in a sensible, profitable way, having a process can be an important part of success. This is especially true in electrical construction, where someone just [...]

What Do You Do With Counter Offers?

You’ve made up your mind. After giving it a lot of though and diligently exploring your alternatives you’ve come to the conclusion that not only are you unhappy with your current workplace or its [...]

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